ECO Bread
We gladly welcome foreign supporters of natural products and proudly present the history of the company in order to build long-term cooperation for the well-being and health of people around the world.

Organic production of bread and pastries from whole grains grown on the best soil in the world - chernozem.
Delivery of frozen products worldwide.
The story began in the mid-20th century with Tikhon Maslov, who served as a chef in one of the best restaurants «Bristol». Tikhon became famous for preparing more than 30 dishes from his favorite corn for the leader of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev.

Tikhon's wife Anna w a baker from God.
Victor Maslov received a technical education and he and his son began producing bread and asked the question: why is bread made by removing all the most useful and valuable things from grain? This is how the idea of producing flourless bread from sprouted grains arose. The Voronezh region is a unique place in the world with highly fertile chernozem soils. In 2004, the family opened its first production facility here and only 100 breads were baked per day.
21 century
The reference product can only be obtained using high-tech equipment, so the company always chooses the best manufacturers of baking equipment. At the beginning of this century, the entire Maslov family was already involved in family business.
Evgeniy's daughters, Anna and Anastasia, began working while still in their student years, starting as a simple salespersons. Today Anna is developing her own bakeries - there are already more than 50, and Anastasia is responsible for marketing in the company and she is a real ambassador of the environmental theme.
Organic production of bread and pastries from whole grains grown on the best soil in the world - chernozem.
  • Yeast-free bread "Cherished recipe"
    Eco Bread
  • Yeast-free oat bread
    Eco Bread
  • Yeast-free bread "Longevity"
    Eco Bread
  • Yeast-free bread Rye with flax
    Eco Bread
The EcoBread company today is a high-tech production and a formed team of like-minded people: more than 500 qualified employees, 7 semi-automatic lines, production of more than 30 tons of bread and 120,000 units of products per day. The company's mission is to care for human health through the production of a product of daily consumption - bread. EcoBread is confident that organic bread is the basis of nutrition and should bring pleasure and health.

Our company was the first in Russia to receive an Organic Producer Certificate. It is worth noting that the company is not an ordinary enterprise for modern Russia, where three generations of the family work, and the story of love for cooking and bread began at the beginning of the last century.
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